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In House NLP Training

In-House NLP and Coaching Training
Over the years we have been training we have delivered trainings to numerous companies and organisations, from small businesses looking to gain an edge to large multinationals looking to develop their staff further, from schools to the NHS…

In that time we have developed a series of bespoke course exclusively for our corporate clients that are only delivered in-house. By taking our time, experience and expertise to develop these “off the peg” courses we can deliver high quality, focused content at the fraction of the cost of specifically designed training programmes. We can, of course, and do on a regular basis

Introduction to NLP for Business
This one-day course takes you through the foundations of NLP and how it can be applied to the business context. NLP can be very different to what you are used to…

Business Applications of NLP
We recognise in this fast moving and volatile environment, you need to most impact in the shortest possible time and the best price available. We recognise these apposing needs and developed this course with those in mind.
This 4-day training takes the most essential elements of NLP and to give you real returns on your investment.

Licenced Business Practitioner of NLP
There is now a real desire for people in business to hold a recognised and robust certification in NLP.
For more details please click here.
We can also run the Business Master Practitioner.

Bespoke Courses
We can and do regularly design unique courses tailored to fit your exact needs, these can be anything from communication, problem solving or stress management to facilitating professional qualification trainings or in house coaching and one to one development.

To discuss anything please contact us on 0121 251 6172 or via contact page.

We can also run any of our “public” courses in-house at your convenience and, depending on the group size, it often works out more cost effective.