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Business Practitioner of NLP

The Ultimate Toolkit To Penetrate Any Speciality
“This gave me more useable skills than my 3 year MBA course!”

Learning Outcomes
A Business Practitioner of NLP is someone who has learned the core skills, concepts and methodology of NLP and how to apply that to a business context.

More and more, the NLP Business Practitioner qualification is being seen as a “must have” for people’s CV’s and now you have the opportunity to gain this desirable qualification and skills.
If you currently work in business, as well as gaining an increasingly sort after qualification, you will gain valuable skills to expand your career.

If you are involved in NLP training, coaching or as a therapist, the increased use of NLP in the business community means that by understanding applications you can tap into new markets or improve the services you offer to your existing client base.
The training will be rich in stories and examples to give you ideas and inspiration of how to use NLP in a Business setting.

This is a qualification course and we use the syllabus that is agreed with the Society of NLP. The key areas covered are:
  • Personal Enhancement
  • Learn to work consistently at your peak performance
  • Time management and organisation skills
  • Stress management Communication and Influence
  • Recognised peoples preferred “sense” and communication style
  • The structure of language and the building blocks of persuasive communication
  • Word that really change peoples minds
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Daily decision-making
  • Recognise and solve problems before they arise
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Learn the psychology of sales
  • Learn to stop people from saying “No”, before they have even listened to what you have to say
  • Management and Leadership
  • Create compelling goals.
  • Motivation and empower your workforce
  • Learn how NLP can fit into and enhance current business models.
  • Change your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and those of people around you to enhance your organisational performance.
Certification on this course is:
  • Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP.
We appreciate the importance of cost when choosing an in-house course. To keep things transparent, we charge a simple “day rate” not a “per person rate” which means you will know the overall cost before you begin no matter how many delegates you have. This fee will include all preparation needed but will not include additional cost such as training materials and certification fees or expenses incurred in travelling to the training course. A venue can be sourced for you at an additional cost.

How To Book
This course is run exclusively in-house for companies and organisations. We ask for a minimum group size of 4 people. Because of the design of this course, we ask for a maximum group size of 12 delegates.

To discuss this course or any aspect of NLP in a business context, please contact us here or call 0121 251 6172
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